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Steffi McKay, Prophetess Series
Book 1: Missing

Welcome to the Steffi McKay, Prophetess Series – a series of supernatural and spiritual mystery novels. Stephanie “Steffi” McKay has the gift of prophecy which is the supernatural and spiritual ability to look into the past, present, and future. Guided by God, Steffi uses her gift of prophecy to solve mysteries and crimes with a little bit of help from her friends.

The first Steffi McKay novel – “Missing” – centres around a wealthy and popular 16 year old girl high school, Kaitlyn Jennings, who suddenly disappears one Saturday afternoon after shopping with her friends. Steffi is approached by her best friend, RCMP Constable Rachel Sasaki, to assist in the missing persons case. With her prophetic powers, God pulls and pushes Steffi into finding out what happened to the high school girl. The story is set in picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and introduces a wide range of characters from homeless street kids to a dangerous gang to the supernatural and spiritual. Will Steffi succeed in finding out what happened to Kaitlyn Jennings? Stay tuned for the upcoming release of this tale of supernatural and spiritual intrigue.

The Steffi McKay, Prophetess Series will be self-published as e-books (electronic books).

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