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Steffi McKay, Chronicles of a Prophetess
Missing (Book 1)

Welcome to Steffi McKay, Chronicles of a Prophetess – a series of supernatural and spiritual novels. Stephanie “Steffi” McKay has the gift of prophecy which is the ability to receive God’s word and look into the past, present, and future. Guided by her unique relationship with God, Steffi uses her gift of prophecy to solve mysteries and along the way, change lives. The first Steffi McKay novel – “Missing” – centers around a popular and wealthy 16 year old girl, Kaitlyn Jennings, who suddenly disappears one Saturday afternoon after shopping with her friends. Steffi is approached by her best friend, RCMP Constable Rachel Sasaki, to assist in the missing persons case. With her prophetic powers Steffi tries to find out what happened to the high school girl. “Missing”  is set in picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Alive at 50 – A Survival Guide to God
Book Series

A series of books aimed at middle age and older people who are seeking help and guidance after God steps into their lives. This book series covers a range of issues aimed at people who have no church background, never read the Bible, and never contemplated the existence of God or the afterlife. Written in a practical, down to earth, and humorous light, the Alive at 50 series is a guide to surviving the dramatic and sudden changes which occur when God shows up unannounced.

Steffi McKay, Chronicles of a Prophetess and Alive at 50 – A Survival Guide to God will be self-published as e-books (electronic books).

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