L.M. Patrick – Mystery and Supernatural Fiction

Welcome to my collection of mystery and supernatural fiction. I am writing a series of novels based on a young woman, Stephanie “Steffi” McKay, who possesses amazing prophetic powers and abilities. Guided by God, the young prophetess has a supernatural ability to look into the past, present, and future. Steffi uses her gift of prophesy to solve mysteries and crimes with a little bit of help from some strange and wonderful friends.

The first novel centres around a popular and beautiful 16 year old girl, Kaitlin Jennings, who suddenly goes missing. Steffi is pulled in to the case and faces many obstacles and setbacks in her attempts to track down the missing girl. The story is set in picturesque Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada and involves a wide range of characters from homeless street kids to a dangerous gang to the supernatural. Will Steffi succeed in finding out what happened to Kaitlin Jennings? Stay tuned for the release of this fascinating and entertaining tale of mystery, crime, and supernatural intrigue.

The Steffi McKay series of novels will be self-published as e-books (electronic books).

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L.M. Patrick, British Columbia, Canada